Fall Trends

26 Sep

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Shape Shifting Fashion

Geometry may not have been your best subject in high school but that doesn’t mean you have to flunk this trend.  Shapes are appearing all over the runway this upcoming fall season…Read more.

Summer Blues

No one wants to hear this but; summer will come to an end. It’s a sad thought; no more long sunny days, no more laying out by the pool, no more parties on the beach, no more  coveted mid-day breezes cooling the sweat on your brow and no more guilt free triple scooped ice cream cones. I take that last one back. For me, ice cream is a year round treat. The end of summer can mean the end of many things, including the end of summer sandals!…Read more.

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28 Jul

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Welcome to the Art Institute of Michigan’s Online Magazine

29 Apr

Chic Beat is a student publication organized and produced by students. It is the goal of Chic Beat to produce a magazine that can showcase and enhance the talents of Art Institute students.

Chic Beat will focus on fashion, music, entertainment and student life. Chic Beat will encourage fashion enthusiasts to pursue their goals with style by being an approachable and relatable student publication. Chic Beat will strive to be a collaborative effort between Art Institute students and the creative community. It is our goal to demonstrate how style isn’t defined by a price tag or a brand. Chic Beat believes that fashion belongs to the fans of it.

Kim Lewis

Kim Lewis

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photo by: Clayton Hall