– Cohen Johnson is making his dreams come true.

By: Ashley Hoff

Stylist: Chelsea B.

Photographer: Jessica McIntyre 

Cohen Johnson is a Fashion marketing student here at AI. Cohen’s has always wanted to have his own clothing line someday and that day is coming soon; he is on his way to being a real business owner and designer. He gets inspired by everyday life for his designs. His line of graphic t-shirts is for men and women.  Cohen said “I’m so glad that it is coming up it’s a dream that everything is coming together.” On March 19, 2011 Cohen Johnson released his clothing line “Esoteric” for everyone to see. The event took place in down town Detroit at the One Fifty Café Lounge. I was able to meet with him in the weeks leading up to his big debut for a quick chat and interview.

AH: What is the motto of your budding company?
CJ: The motto of my company is “Fly in your Space” which means to simply be yourself no matter what your circumstance in life is. You can do whatever you want when you’re ready.

AH: How far do you want to take this line? Do you want it to be in local stores and boutiques or go national?
CJ: I’m looking forward to taking this line as far as it will take me. I will be distributing the line in local boutiques including Bob’s Classic Kicks and expanding to boutiques nationally. I will be expanding to Atlanta later this summer as well as on the esoteric online store.

AH: How important is it to network?
CJ: Networking is so crucial to marketing any brand including you (as a brand). In order to have a successful brand, you really have to use the people around you.

AH: Has networking helped you get your line started?
CJ: Yes

AH: Are you sponsored by an individual or a company? Or are you investing in your line on your own?
CJ: It’s all me!

AH: What can you tell fellow students who want to start a clothing line or business?
CJ: Take your time but don’t waste your time. Be in love with your idea and USE YOUR TALENT!


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