Simple Spring

Recovering from the holiday season can be a challenge, not only mentally but financially as well. Spring is a recovery season, it’s a chance to start anew and get things back on track. One way to start fresh is by adding new pieces to your wardrobe. Sprucing up your wardrobe doesn’t have to be pricey; luckily for us the color white can carry us from spring to summer making it a very economical trend. White has become the go-to color for spring. Reasons for wearing white are different for everyone. Since spring is the season of rebirth and renewal it is one of the main reasons that people wear white. White has a way of making people feel “new” its equivalent to the thought of being “born again”. Psychologically speaking, the color white makes people feel things such as innocence, purity and newness.

The white trend is stepping out of the trends that came from previous seasons such as the fall 2010 collections that consisted of heavy furs and layers on top of layers or the spring 2009 collections where there were trends like “Depression Chic” and “Trash and Vaudeville”. Designers are current collections are light and airy; they have rejuvenated their audience with white and lighter colors. The trend has been described as “Clean Energy” and “Seeing the Light”. “How best to head into the new decade? With a clean slate.” ( Trend Reports Spring 2010/2011)

It seems as though this spring everyone is on the same page about the color white. We have re-discovered both its psychological and financial value but let us not forget its SIMPLICITY!  I consider fashions in white to be one of the most effortless pieces of fashion to own, because all you have to do is accessorize. That reveals another reason why white is becoming the go-to color, it is less time-consuming. Wearing white is like wearing a blank canvas, it is your chance to show off art and in this case the art being a pair of shoes, a belt, a scarf, rings, bracelets, necklaces or a handbag. White is also very easy to pair with other colors. If you decide not to go the accessorizing route, you can always pair jeans with a white top or white a pant with a color or print top.


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