Summer Blues

No one wants to hear this but; summer will come to an end. It’s a sad thought; no more long sunny days, no more laying out by the pool, no more parties on the beach, no more  coveted mid-day breezes cooling the sweat on your brow and no more guilt free triple scooped ice cream cones. I take that last one back. For me, ice cream is a year round treat. The end of summer can mean the end of many things, including the end of summer sandals!

Shoe lovers know how sad it can be to tuck away a favorite pair of summer wedges or a pair of strappy stilettos for the winter.  Knowing that you’ll have to wait an entire Michigan winter before you can wear those sandals again can be slightly depressing. However, a true shoe aficionado knows that it is essential to own shoes that are not only wearable in the summer months but the winter months too.

So, here is this month’s shoe shopping tip: Buy a pair of shoes that can work with both your spring and winter wardrobes.  Buying one pair of shoes that can transition from season to season is great for your budget and helps save a bit of closet space.

 Be sure that you purchase a shoe in a neutral color; don’t pick a shoe that is too spring trendy and avoid thin, strappy shoes. Find a shoe that follows the themes of a classic design; this way you can wear it during any season. A shoe in a neutral color works well because you can almost guarantee that it will coordinate well with each season’s hottest colors. A strappy shoe is not ideal for a spring/winter purchase. It’s hard to make strappy shoes work in the winter simply because they are not always functional.

 Don’t fret, summer is still here and there is still plenty of time to wear fabulous summer sandals.  Keep the coming season in mind and keep an eye out for the perfect year round shoe.


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